Ummmm, Whoopsie!  After I posted a new blog post the other day, I glanced over and saw that I had FIVE drafts that I had never posted!!!  Some were unfinished drivel… but then I saw THIS ONE that I had just forgotten to post, or thought I had posted and hadn’t hit the right button.  Anyway, it’s be a WHOLE YEAR.  And since then, Abbey has won the award mentioned below for a second year in a row!  We are unbelievably proud of her… but, really, we would be even if she hadn’t won the award either year.

So, here’s the blog from a year ago…

Abbey entered Merrol Hyde Magnet School 3 years ago as a 4th grader and did not know a single soul in the school. It was a difficult year adjusting to the culture there, which was so different from what we were used to, but she did very well and eventually made some great friends.

5th grade was a very challenging year for several reasons -and that’s all I’m going to say about that – so we weren’t really sure what would happen in middle school.

However, Abbey truly began to thrive in 6th grade – working very hard to earn great grades and navigating tween drama with as much grace as possible.  I mean, come on. If you’ve met my daughter, you know she has a flair for the dramatic… but she really HATES the kind of drama that end in hurt feelings, tears, and broken friendships.  Thankfully, so do most of the people she hangs out with.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from one of her teachers, giving us a heads-up that Abbey would be receiving an award during the Middle School Award Ceremony at her school.  We were thrilled!  The students have no idea who’s receiving an award, so we had to keep it on the down-low.  (She was clueless as to why we would even want to show up this morning, ha ha)

Let me tell you a little bit about Abbey’s school.  It’s an academic magnet school.  She tested in in kindergarten, but was 14th on the waiting list after the lottery drawing.  It had completely gone off out radar when they called us the summer before her 4th grade year to let us know her number had come up.  After some prayer, we decided to allow her to attend.  We LOVED her old school, so this was a hard decision… BUT…

Merrol Hyde was recently rated a Gold ranking from US News and World Report.  They are ranked #109 in the nation for public schools, and #3 in the state.  Today, we watched about 15 7th graders from Merrol Hyde – SEVENTH GRADERS – receive an award for scoring higher on their ACT than most High School Juniors.  Wow.  That’s awesome. These are some amazingly smart kids.

And Abbey does get great grades. But grades aren’t really her focus in life. For right now, she really wants to be a missionary.  Of course, we tell her “Then go be the smartest, kindest missionary out there!”  So, while we are THRILLED she gets to attend Merrol Hyde, we are more thrilled that she is a young lady that cares deeply about people.

We showed up at her award ceremony today, not quite knowing what to expect… Finally it came down to the final award and this is how the principal described the criteria for the Blue/Gold Award:

“Best all-around, a good friend, trustworthy, cares about others, shares, doesn’t gossip, encourages other students, respected by their peers, respected by the teachers, applies themselves well in all that they do, is a good citizen, participates in extra-curricular activities.”

This award was voted on by the students. And Abbey got it!!!!!


I cried.

Her dad and I could not be more proud of her.  This is what you PRAY your children are known for!

So, kudos to you, sweet daughter.  You came in not knowing anyone.  You went from not having to ever study… to learning the ropes (4th)… to have a really tough year (5th)… to pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and excelling in all areas.


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