Voices Carry (part 1)

*This post was originally on my Facebook and refers to some recent FB activity. 

I know there’s been a lot of flack over the “10 things about me you didn’t know” and “selfies” and what-not lately… but here’s my take on it. (Feel free to roll your eyes and label me an irritatingly positive person.)

I really really really really LOVE reading everyone’s “things you didn’t know” posts! Not even kidding. Every smacking one of them. I laughed. I smiled. I got to know you better. I realized we maybe had more in common than I thought… or realized that we have nothing in common at all and I still love you! In fact, in most cases I wish you hadn’t stopped at 7. Or 10. Or 25. I want to know more! Anything I can learn about you – good, bad, ugly – is pure gold, in my book. 

Your selfies don’t bother me. I like you. I like your face. Unless we go to church together or have kids at the same school, I probably don’t get to see you as much as I’d like to. So, post away! (my one selfish request: keep your clothes on. K, thanks.) 

And here’s a confession: No one “assigned” me a number for the “number game” where you share things about yourself. I just posted mine because I wanted to. How’s that for being real? I had a hunch that people would read what I wrote and comment with the things we have in common, etc. And that’s exactly what happened. Also, as I read other people’s posts, it jogged my memory of things about me I had forgotten, so I started writing them down. At 42, my memory isn’t what it used to be, so THANK YOU for helping me remember, folks. 

Not everyone will agree and that’s ok. But if you’re bothered by everyone’s posts, ask yourself this: Why else does Facebook exist if not to share things about yourself and learn things about others? You may not like what you learn – about others AND yourself – but let’s just try to encourage one another, ok? 


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